Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's the point?

Most folks that hear about this wonder why? I could just build another hot rod Vette with a big block or stroker mouse motor but why? There's lots of those and anything I did like that wouldn't be unique. Plus, it would be a gas sucking monster which would take away a lot of the fun of driving it.

The Corvette is about 2100 lb lighter than a full size pickup. In stock form the 6.5L diesel is rated at 190hp and 380 ft. lb. of torque. Same HP as the gas motor but with 35% more torque. That should motivate the Corvette at least as well as the gasser does now. As a plus, the slippery shape of the Vette should allow it to get great fuel economy. I'm not doing this just to save gas money but I think it's reasonable to expect fuel economy in the mid 30s or better. Most economy cars are severely lacking in style. This will be different!

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