Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shortening the oil pan

One thing I knew from the start was the 6.5 oil pan was going to have to be modified. The diesel holds a lot more oil than the gas motor and the oil pan is a lot deeper. The Corvette doesn't have much ground clearance to start with so the oil pan has to be shortened.

I measured how far the oil pump protruded down into the pan and marked a cut line around the sump. Off to the bandsaw! There's a little bit of a thrill to be had taking perfectly good expensive parts and running them through a saw. Now you're committed! It worked out fine. I cut a piece of diamond plate to fit the oil pan bottom and welded it in place. I made it about 1/8" too short so a quick trip to the hydraulic press put a dimple in it right below the oil pump body for clearance. The pan is now about 1 1/2" shorter than stock. With this modification and some mods to the motor mounts to carry the motor a little higher I should have about the same ground clearance as 350 gas motor. 

More reference pictures with the motor on the stand:

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