Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The donor truck

New power for the Corvette is coming from a 1992 GMC 1 ton C3500 pickup with 209,000 miles.

I bought the truck for $1700. The motor is not original but is a "Goodwrench" crate motor. No telling how many miles are on the motor but it starts and runs good. 1992 & 1993 6.5L diesels had mechanical fuel injection. Later models have computer controlled electronic fuel injection. Using a mechanical injection motor will make the swap a lot less complicated. I drove the donor truck around for a couple of months just to make sure there weren't going to be any problems. It turn out to be a nice little truck. OK, it's not little but after driving my 4-door Dodge 4x4 the GMC 1 ton feels like a mini truck. It will turn around in the street. You can park it in a regular parking space. Sweet! It's almost a shame to take it apart. But, it is this truck's fate to give up its motor for a higher purpose.

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