Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Transmission controller

 In spite of being a diesel this car still has to be fun to drive like a sports car. That's where the aftermarket transmission controller come in. I chose the "Quick 1" from US Shift as it looked to be the best value that still had all the features I wanted. This controller was also sold under the "Opti-Shift" name.

The controller came loaded with a diesel shift point program that was probably just fine for a pickup but needed a little adjusting for the Corvette. Making changes in the shift parameters is easy. You connect a laptop with a USB cable, pull up the program, make adjustment by moving points on the upshift and downshift lines based on throttle position and speed.

The Quick 1 will hold 2 different shift programs that can you can choose between with the flip of a toggle switch. It also can be put in manual mode and has inputs for paddle shifters.