Thursday, December 25, 2014

Suspension rebuild

As expected it looks like all the suspension bushings, shocks and springs are original 1980 stuff. Not in bad shape considering the age but still in need of freshening up or upgrading.

Pull everything apart

 Upper and lower control arms, steering spindles, etc. ready for powder coating

 Rear end with new fiberglass spring, new calipers, shocks, re-ground brake rotors

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Interior and gauges are done

In addition to the Fiero seats I installed a new gray carpet kit over the layer of 3/8 neoprene foam I had put down. Also, new inner door panels and all the old wine colored interior parts were painted with vinyl paint.
New seat belts, steering wheel. I made new panels for the sides of the transmission tunnel.
 All the new gauges are installed in the ABS panels I made for the dash.
I have gauges for EGT, Boost, Speed, RPM, Fuel level,  Water temperature, Fuel pressure, Oil pressure, Oil temperature, Voltage