Monday, June 10, 2013

Putting the interior back together

The heater box has been rebuilt with a new heater core installed

The old "wine" colored interior is definitely showing its age. I decided I will replace the carpet and door panels with some "charcoal" interior pieces that were used in the 81 models. Some parts that are in good condition will get dyed with SEM Color. In fact I'll try the dye on as much of the interior as I can to keep the cost down.
The dye goes on like paint. It's important to prep the surface properly which means cleaning it thoroughly. There's 30+ years of fingerprint grease and Armor All to get off. SEM makes a special cleaning and prep fluid. So far I'm impressed with the results. It remains to be seen how durable it is but I suppose it will be easy enough to touch up when necessary. Here's the dash:

And a pic of the dash back in the car:

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