Monday, June 10, 2013

Instrument clusters...

The new drivetrain needs a different combination of gauges. For the most part the original gauges are not functional due to age and corrosion. So, the plan includes a complete new set of VEI Systems digital gauges to be installed in new handmade panels in place of the original clusters. I removed the speedo and tach and took the cluster housing to the bandsaw and slices off the rear of the meter housing.

I laid out the shape on the new gauge panel in AutoCad and cut it out in 1/8" ABS plastic.

With ABS pipe glue and epoxy I put the new panel into the front of the original housing.

I did the same with the center console gauge cluster. I removed the gauges.

Then I cut all the original gauge faces out of the panel leaving about a quarter inch border to bond the new panel to.

Here's the center cluster template done up in AutoCad:
I have the new gauge clusters temporarily connected to verify the wiring connections.

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