Sunday, May 6, 2012

Water manifold

The 6.5 has a big Y shaped casting to route water exiting the cylinder heads through the thermostat and on to the radiator. It also has hose connections for the thermostat bypass and heater supply hose. My problem is the stock water manifold is too tall. With it installed the hood can't close. In addition the filler cap needs to be the highest point in the system. With the radiator mounted so low I would have to fab an additional filler of some kind at the top of the water manifold. Several attempts to modify the stock manifold were not satisfactory so I decided to fabricate a water box.

So far, so good. It's got all the necessary connections, the filler is at the top so it will be easy to purge air from the system. There is a baffle inside to help mix the water from left and right heads. The thermostat is inside the big fitting on the left of the photo. The fitting unscrews and the thermostat fits inside.

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