Monday, May 21, 2012

Turbo and intake pipe mounted

It's more fun to work on stuff that shows. It makes it look like progress in being made.
The turbo is in place and the intake tubing is arranged.

Next I have to get fresh cool air into the turbo. I made a panel that mounts where the original radiator did just above the top of the new radiator. The new panel will hold a big K&N air filter (from a Lamborghini) and route filtered air from in front of the radiator directly into the turbo.  That means having a pretty tight 90 degree elbow that has to clear the left side upper control arm and the upper radiator hose. After collecting a big box of metal and plastic elbows to try to modify I decided I had to fabricate the elbow out of fiberglass.

Starting with a flat sheet of Styrofoam, I cut a bunch of 4" diameter cookies with a hole saw.
Then I sanded each cookie into a wedge. It was pretty simple to glue the wedges together to form approximate shape of the elbow.
After hours of gluing and sanding and test fitting I covered the foam plug with fiberglass and epoxy resin. With a couple more layers of fiberglass and lots more sanding and shaping We have an elbow. It fits just right and has the clearance it needs.

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