Monday, January 16, 2012

Transmission test fit

I finally found a 2nd generation 4L60E. It's longer than the TH350 that came out of the car so something had to be done with the tranny mount. On the Corvette the transmission mount bolts to a removable crossmember that spans across the frame rails. I considered modifying the stock crossmember but I found an aftermarket crossmember at Bow Tie Overdrives that bolted right up with no mods and has the benefit of increased clearance for the exhaust.
There's the 4L60E bolted right up to the 6.5

Bow Tie Overdrives crossmember.
It's intended for the LS1 motor swap but works perfectly here.
The trans is just temporarily bolted in place. I need it there to start working on fabricating the exhaust. I'll have to order up an appropriate torque converter, and probably modify the dipstick tube before it can be bolted in permanently. The Bow Tie crossmember will also need to go out for powdercoating. I ordered it in raw steel because I wasn't certain I would not have to make some modifications. Grinding off powdercoat to make welded modifications is a big pain.

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