Monday, January 16, 2012

Radiator & coolant hoses

I've been making good progress but it takes a while to get to the point of having something to show. The radiator is in. I ended up cutting off the bottom half of the stock radiator support and moving the radiator as far down and forward as possible. This will give me more room in front of the motor which is where the turbo has to live. With the radiator mostly out of the way running the turbo plumbing will be much simpler.
Here's a view of the radiator from underneath

View from the top. The radiator sits about a foot lower than original.

The coolant plumbing is made up of silicone elbows and aluminum tube. The straight pieces of tube need a lip formed on the end to help prevent the hose blowing off under pressure. I made a  quick & dirty tool to crimp the hose bead into the tube ends. Check it out.

The disk pushes tube lip into the 'V' groove.
Make a crimp, rotate the tube a little and repeat.

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