Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oiling for the turbo

I've been putting this off because I didn't have a good plan for getting the oil drain from the turbo back to the motor. I thought I was going to run the drain line into the unused crank position sensor hole in the timing cover. That wasn't going to work because there just isn't enough room work. I ended up running the oil drain straight back and welding an elbow into the oil pan.
It's a very tight fit. There's only a little more than 1/8" clearance for the power steering pump pulley and exhaust pipe going into the turbo. I'll add some kind of sheet metal heat shield between the oil drain and exhaust just to be on the safe side.

Getting oil to the turbo was a bit simpler. I was actually able to use the stock GMC oil feed line. I had to 'unbend' the turbo end of the line a little and rotate the fitting in the hose crimp. I fabricated a block with a piece of 1/8 pipe bent to clear the turbo output elbow. 

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